Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting reduces panic and injury by providing visual clarity for safe and effective evacuation through pre-planned escape routes.  Evacuation in conditions of poor visibility can be a matter of life or death!   


The System We Use

In the event of a fire when the electrical power supply may be compromised, the evacuation of occupants is challenging.  The provision of emergency lighting provides comfort and visual capabilities for safe and effective evacuation through escape routes.

The fire alarm panel identifies the location of fire alarm panels, call points, firefighting, safety equipment and exit points. Some hazards that are identified on the map are slopes, changes of direction and intersections. If the outside of the last exit is dark, risk assessment may determine if there should be extra emergency lighting there until it can be reached.

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What Makes Firepros Different

As an expert in emergency lighting systems for over 15 years, Firepros are able to assess areas of risk that are vulnerable to developing problems when it comes to an emergency situation. Firepros can take care of the necessary precautions to ensure that your system is fully prepared when the unexpected occurs.