ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our systems are known for their flexibility, which is why they are the perfect fit for any organization that wants to maintain an up-to-date security system without the need to invest in expensive upgrades or replacement.

We are proud to offer our users the best total security solutions at competitive prices, while maintaining great value all around. We’re leaders in the design, installation, and support of integrated building security systems.

We make sure that no matter what stage of your security system the customer is on, they are satisfied. To ensure this we work closely with them to keep on top of their satisfaction. We monitor our work through the industry standards which are held at the highest level by Firepros.

The System We Use

Fire alarm monitoring means that you have a fire monitoring panel installed and connected to your fire alarm system. When a fire alarm is triggered, the panel will send information to a monitoring station. An operator dispatches the fire department if needed.

Our monitoring partners are highly trained and working 24/7 to alert you to any potential threats to your property.

What Makes Firepros Different

The monitoring services provided by Firepros’ partners allow you to maintain a business and property security that is unparalleled in the industry. The 24/7 services that our partners provide mean that you don’t have to worry about being present so much, and can sleep soundly at night because of the peace of mind they provide.