Interior & Exterior Security Camera Systems

In the past decade, the capabilities of video security systems have been transformed with fundamental shifts in image clarity and how those images are stored, retrieved, shared and analysed.  

Many older security systems should be updated to get higher resolution, more robust technology and remote access in real time to see what’s going on in and around your premises, regardless of where you or your Security Team are.  

An affordable, expertly designed FirePros video security system will address your security concerns and your budget using the latest technology.   You can count on the FirePros Team to provide the answers, the technology, the commitment and the urgency that you want and need when it comes to premises security.

By combining our Security Camera Systems and Security & Access Control Systems, we create custom high-security systems, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), that deliver facial recognition or licence plate recognition and ‘Zone Restriction Control’ capabilities that allow access to secure areas only to authorized personnel, and help identify intruders.


The Systems We Use

In the past decade, the capabilities of video surveillance systems have been transformed by fundamental shifts in how digital data is gathered, analysed, shared, and stored. Deep learning and AI is becoming more prevalent, as cameras are able to more accurately gather data and make predictions based on integrated analytical software manufacturers have developed. While the shift to a ‘smart home/business’ environment is also playing its role, as consumers have easier access than ever to monitoring their wireless devices and doorbell cameras.

Fixing security camera on ceiling

What Makes Firepros Different

When you work with Firepros, we offer an initial consultation so we can learn more about your goal. We base our monitoring approach on the specifics of your needs & can tailor it to any situation. Whatever issue you need assistance with, rest assured that our technicians are well trained.