IoT Smart Building Automation & Monitoring

The Systems We Use:

‘Smart Building Automation’ is now an important part of modern building management. It  greatly improves energy efficiency, security, the quality of services and indoor air, while also reducing staffing costs.

These ‘smart’ automation systems will monitor and control a building’s operations including:

Partnering with top ‘smart technology’ component manufacturers, FirePros offers expert smart technology ‘needs analysis’, initial consultation, system installation, training, service and maintenance.  Our Team has designed and delivered several ‘Smart Building Systems & Services’ for clients in the Wood Buffalo Region. 

FP - monitoring

What Makes Firepros Different

Firepros has been working closely with a number of clients over the years in order to identify the smart building services that we can provide to best streamline their operations. We are able to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, regardless of whether you are looking for engineering, heating, automation, or security smart technology.