Security & Access Control Systems

Our Security & Access Control Systems for commercial, industrial, government, medical, large retail centre, hotel and multi-unit residential buildings can perform as stand-alone systems, or be integrated with your security camera systems for even greater security. These systems can operate with access cards or fobs, or with smart phones and Blue Tooth technology to permit and record  entry, and exit.

FirePros high-security systems, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) can incorporate facial recognition, licence plate recognition and ‘Zone Restriction Control’ that allows access to secure areas only to authorized personnel.

By combining our Security & Access Control Systems and Security Camera Systems, we create custom high-security systems, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), that deliver facial recognition or licence plate recognition and ‘Zone Restriction Control’ capabilities that allow access to secure areas only to authorized personnel, and help identify intruders.


The Systems We Use:

Organizations that want to secure their facilities use electronic access control systems that can track employee access to restricted areas and ensure the safety of confidential materials. Security is a key benefit that these systems provide, including access control panels and alarms which prevent unauthorized access or operations.


What Makes Firepros Different

We meticulously craft every access control system that we create so that it is unique to the needs of our client. Whether your priority is building access or security, there are a number of options for you to choose from so that your access control system is an ideal fit for the needs of your building, staff, or security.